5 This food can lower blood sugar

5 This food can lower blood sugar
Most people think that all types of food are able to cause blood sugar to rise. Logically, food is able to provide energy. In fact, the power is mostly obtained from blood sugar. In fact, according to health experts, there are some types of foods that are able to help lower blood sugar, lho.

Picture 5 This food can lower blood sugar

Knowing blood sugar

Blood sugar is the primary source of body power required by the brain, nerve processes, and various organs to run its function normally. Not only obtained from carbohydrates, blood sugar will be able to obtain from proteins and fats.

Blood sugar in the normal atmosphere is able to help maintain the body's power intake, but if the treatment is too low or too high, able to result in the effect of body weakness and drowsiness or especially increase the risk of developing diabetes. For this reason we need to apply the type of healthy living to keep it.

Various foods that can lower blood sugar
The freshness expert mentions that there are some types of foods that are able to help reduce or treat blood sugar percentage in the body. Here are the foods.

  • Avocado

Avocados are not true one fruit is recognized best for health. In reality, this fruit is able to apply many benefits, as a matter of lowering the percentage of blood sugar. Those who suffer from diabetes or are in a pre-diabetic phase are too recommended to routinely consume them.

Routine eating is able to cause increased insulin benefits. This fruit is counted to be able to improve the satiety so that it will cause us not easily interested in food or unhealthy snacks. This will be a big impact on the percentage of blood sugar that is maintained.

In addition, routine eating of avocado is proven to be able to handle metabolic syndrome, not true one of the main causes of diabetes.

  • Fish with Omega 3 fatty acid content

Fish with a percentage of omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon, trout, tuna, mackerel, and also fish next door are able to help lower the percentage of blood sugar, lho. Fish meat is considered to be a high percentage of protein that can lead to full stomach and help us to treat the diet so as not to excessive.

Only, the freshness expert does not advise us to process it by frying it because it is able to result in the percentage of the calorie increases. We should steam, boil, or call it if you want to get the most value benefits.

  • Cocoa

The main ingredient of this chocolate is considered able to help lose weight lho. It's just that the impact of eating cocoa differs compared to eating sweet chocolate. Sweetened chocolate is mostly given sugar additives and other additives to make it able to increase blood sugar percentage. Meanwhile, pure cocoa mostly has a bitter skewed flavor.

In cocoa there is a percentage of flavanol that is able to cause the digestion process to slow down and ultimately affect the decrease in blood sugar percentage.

  • Egg

Unsuspected, not true one of the side dishes that we often consume this is calculated able to help lower the percentage of blood sugar, lho. This is due to the high percentage of its protein and capable of causing the full stomach and controlling the diet.

As fish meat, we should not produce eggs by frying, but by reproducing them. In addition, we recommend that we do not mix it with processed food such as sausages or nuggets that make it so much less healthy.

  • Green vegetables

Green vegetables are a high percentage of fiber, magnesium, and vitamin A that are able to lower the percentage of blood sugar effectively. Routine consumption daily is able to reduce the risk of diabetes type 2 to 14 percent. 

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