Accidentally swallowing sweets, you have?

Accidentally swallowing sweets, you have?
Sweets are still a snack that many people liked. Not only chewing gum, hard candy or soft sweets are counted too delicately for consumption. However, if the sweets are swallowed when they are still intact. Is it likely to harm health?

Picture Accidentally swallowing sweets

Effects of swallowing chewing gum

Candy is a snack that should be smoked or bitten so that it is destroyed before it is swallowed. It is just that, sometimes, we accidentally swallowed it in a whole atmosphere. The problem is that sometimes the size of the candy is large enough to get into the esophagus so that it brings the impact of strange or uncomfortable taste sensations.

As we know, the food digestion system first took place in the mouth. Here, the food will be crushed by the teeth so that it can enter into the esophagus in a safe atmosphere so that it is lightly to be shifted to the stomach members with peristaltic movements. In order to facilitate this system and prevent injury, food must be in a subtle atmosphere before entering the stomach.

If this hard whole gum enters into the stomach, it will certainly bring an uncomfortable sensation to the esophagus. Fortunately, the expert of freshness mentions the impact of not being so great and not to carry the impact of pain sensation or inhibiting the respiratory system.

This hard candy will forever advance in the digestive system greetings in a whole form. Arriving in the stomach and other digestive organs, this candy will be processed until it is destroyed and then the rest will be discarded through the dirt when throwing big water.

However, sometimes we will feel the sensation of displacers to the esophagus after swallowing the sweets accidentally. If this is the case, we recommend that we immediately consume lots of water to help the movement of this harsh candy so that it can reach the stomach. This is calculated to eliminate the sensation of discomfort to the esophagus.

In addition, we will be able to consume soft food such as banana fruit, bread, cakes, and other foods in order to encourage this candy so that it can immediately cut out the stomach, instead of being stuck in a member of the esophagus for some time.

Should not eat sweets often
Sweet sweets are actually liked by anyone, but overtaking them can prove to be a bad impact for health. This is due to the high calorie and sugar content in this snack. If consumed too often, it is feared to be able to bring the impact of weight gain or risk of diabetes.

For example, in a candy there is a high content of sucrose and glucose in it. This content can be found inside the sugar. In addition, we will be able to obtain the content of artificial sugar with the name of Saccharas or cyclamate in it.

In a numberless candy can be given additional citric acid, dye, and various other chemicals. These materials are not good enough if consumed excessively.

Effects of eating sweets similar to eating Junk Food
As mentioned earlier, sweets have calorie content. Indeed, in a grain of candy the caloric content is not how, but because the taste is good, we can consume it in a lot of quantities so that it carries the impact of calorie intake so excessive. The effect is similar to the tradition of consuming junk food or fast food.

Eating sweet and high-sugar-counted sweets can damage the freshness of teeth. It is caused by sugar that can attract the attention of bacteria causing cavities or dental caries.

Looking at this fact, we should actually feel impeding candy intake to inhibit the coming of various health problems. 

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