No more 37 degrees, it's Normal human body temperature

No more 37 degrees, it's Normal human body temperature
If we are peeling about the normal human body temperature, then the first subject that is thought is 37 degrees Celsius. Just that, this subject has changed. As a member comes from evolution since the 19th century, human normal body temperature has turned out to be changing. So, how much normal human body temperature in the present?

Normal Human body temperature

Based on the research published in the eLife journal in 2020, researchers from Stanford University involve approximately 35 thousand people in the UK. The result is, the normal human body temperature is now only 36.6 degrees Celsius. This temperature is certainly slightly lower coming from the previous normal temperature.

"There is a difference in the results of body temperature measurements in the 19th century and today. There is a physical turn on the human body as a influence of evolution since the industrial revolution, "said the erroneous researchers involved.

In this study, at least 250 thousand measurements of body temperature through the mouth performed. In addition, more than one of the information included is collected, as it originated from veterans of Allied soldiers in the World War from 1862 to 1930 and information came from U.S. national freshness Research done from 1971 to 1975.

The last Data that is in check is derived from the Stanford Translational Research Integrated Database Environment. This Data is seized from th. 2007 to 2017 with a total of more than 677 thousand temperature measurement systems were performed.

There are many different facets of the human body temperature like physical busyness, body metabolic system, and the freshness of the measurement. These various facets include being taken into account by researchers.

Some facts of human body temperature
Not only is the change to cooler, the expert freshness mentions there are more than one fact that shows the temperature of the human body.

Here are the facts.

1. Body temperature is not always the same
Although normally the body temperature in the number 36.6 degrees Celsius, the expert of freshness mentioning our body temperature is able to change from 36.5 to 37.5 degrees Celsius. Only this subject is applicable in adults only. For the babies, the body temperature is able to be higher because their body has not had a cooling system of the flesh is a sweat together well. This includes being able to affect babies who tend to be lighter in fever than with adults.

The temperature of the body is likely to increase if we carry out physical bustle like sports and decline when we rest at night.

2. Body temperature rises if we smoke
Not thought, the temperature of the body is able to rise when we suck cigarettes, lho. This is due to the coal temperature at the end of the cigarette that is able to reach 95 degrees Celsius so that the smoke that is smoked by the body is in warm conditions. When cigarette smoke reaches the lungs, this will cause the lungs to be involved.

However, the effect of increasing body temperature will generally shrink after 20 minutes of smoking.

3. Increased body temperature when lying
When lying, experiencing anxiety, or fear, body temperature will increase. This is due to increased heart rate and results in blood circulation more rapidly. This will affect body temperature, especially in approximately the nose and eyes.

4. Decreased body temperature can make sleep better
If the body experiences a decreased temperature of approximately 1-2 degrees in sleep, then the sleep cycle will occur together well and the continuation is able to affect a better sleep. We are able to get it together to place the cooling or adjust the ventilation to the room to be more pointed.

5. Fever is not always bad
Fever is actually able to cause the body to start uncomfortable, but this is a sign that the immune system is fighting the disease so that we can recover immediately.  ...

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