Should sleep cushion or not?

Should sleep cushion or not?
Some have a habit of sleeping with pillows, but some also have a habit of sleeping without wearing pillows. Actually, healthier where, sleep with pillows or without pillows?

Picture Should sleep cushion or not?

Sleep with pillows or no pillows

Despite being too precise of the sleeping area, the fitness expert mentions that there are many people who are uncomfortable with sleeping pillows. According to research published results in the journal titled Physiotherapy Canada, mentioned that 1,600 participants were asked to sleep using 5 pillows or not with a similar pillow once.

The results of the study were, almost 50 procents of these participants determine to sleep without wearing pillows. For them, unless the pillow used is uncomfortable, it will be the impact we have sleep problems like waking easily or can not sleep well.

It's just that a lot of people who already have a habit of sleeping with pillows because it can bring the impact of the neck and head of the Tersangga better. This can help prevent insects from entering the ears. If we already have the habit of wearing pillows since childhood, then it will start less comfortable unless you need to sleep without using it.

Looking at this fact, there is nothing better in between sleeping with pillows and without pillows. This is due to each person's different needs in order to get a good night's sleep. If we have a habit of sleeping without pillows for example, can always continue this sleep habit to ensure a good sleep.

Only, fitness experts recommend people with a special fitness atmosphere like GERD or stomach acid problems, sleep apnea, and neck pain, should always sleep on pillows. If not using it, it is feared that it will bring the following fitness signs to rise.

For information, sleep apnea can bring the impact of the sufferer to experience sleep downtime. If not wearing pillows, it can be symptoms can be seen many times when sleeping until the impact of the sufferer wakes up with a breathless breath. They certainly cannot sleep soundly and awaken with a tired body atmosphere.

The same is true with high gastric acid sufferers. If they do not wear pillows, it can be stomach acid will rise to the throat or let alone reach the mouth to bring the impact of the chest and stomach to experience an uncomfortable sensation and then bring the impact they can not sleep.

Choosing the right Pillow
Those who experience GERD and sleep apnea problems are advised to wear a sloped pillow in order to bring the impact of the head in the upper members but the neck and shoulder members in the lower limbs. Meanwhile, most neck pain sufferers are asked to wear pillows that are not too high in order to prevent a tense sensation in the neck muscles.

Especially for the pillow material, we can determine the soft and comfortable foam material in order to relieve tension on the neck and also jaw. If you have a habit of sleeping in a sloped position, we can determine the type of foam memory foam.

We can also wear pillows with goose-down material that is recognized according to those who often sleep with a position of the neck. Meanwhile, unless we do not want to experience the problem of mites or fungi, can wear pillows of wool and cotton material.

Pillow from latex material can also be used as a choice by those who experience back or neck problems. Only, people with this disease must consult the Doctor first in order to determine the right pillow model. 

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