Snoring and Sleep Apnea? Could be due to fat tongue

Snoring and Sleep Apnea? Could be due to fat tongue

Snoring and Sleep Apnea? Could be due to fat tongue
The freshness of sleep apnea is able to cause sleep disorders to be severely snoring. Although those who do not know this symptom, they will experience a body effect that becomes tired of waking up. This will certainly give you an additional effect on our daily activities, right?
Picture Snoring and Sleep Apnea?

Fat tongue can trigger Sleep Apnea
A study conducted in Pennsylvania, the United States of America leads to the fact that one of the aspects that resulted in sleep apnea, one of the problems of freshness that could lead to symptoms of stop breathing fit sleep turned out to be fat tongue or larger tongue due to fat buildup. It is mostly related to overweight or obese issues.

One of the researchers involved, Dr. Richard Scwab of Perelman Medical Faculty, Philadelphia called the researchers did not yet find the reason why the tongue is able to experience increased fat dose due to the effects of weight loss.

"Not yet know what the cause. This can be subject to genetic or environmental aspects. It's just that, so a little amount of fat in the tongue, so experiencing a decline can just get tongue into the throat and result in symptoms of sleep apnea, "said Dr. Scwab.

Dr. Scwab calls sleep apnea patients who are pleased to lose weight by significantly changing the situation of freshness. Symptoms of sleep apnea like a strong snoring, too noisy breath, until often awakened in a situation surprised to be able to be lowered sleep.

Some ways to relieve Sleep Apnea
The freshness experts mention that there is more than one step that we are able to implement if they are suffering to relieve sleep apnea. Here are the ways.

Lose weight
As mentioned earlier, one of the key aspects of sleep apnea is the problem of being overweight or obese. If we are pleased to lose weight, then the symptoms of this freshness problem will be decreased. In addition to being able to cause the size of the tongue shrink, the fat stacks in the respiratory tract will also be decreased and further impact on air exchanges are much smoother sleep fitting.

Changing the sleep position
The sleep position believed to be able to support lowering sleep apnea symptoms is a sideways position. This position is believed to be able to cause the respiratory tract more relieved and further resulted in the air being able to enter and emerge better. The position of the sleep on the back is able to cause the tongue to enter the throat and subsequently able to cause sleep apnea symptoms will deteriorate.

Routine exercise
Regular exercise is also able to support lowering the symptoms of sleep apnea. This is due to the breathing muscles that are well trained and further affect the more smooth the air entry rate, also the sleep fitting. In addition, regular exercise also able to support losing weight. It will also result in sleep becoming more restful.

No More smoking
Those who smoke turned out to be susceptible to sleep apnea. This is due to the capability of its turbulent ability which is able to significantly damage the benefits of respiratory tract. Quitting smoking will restore the respiratory tract benefits and affect the symptoms of this freshness problem.

Ask the Doctor for help
If all the recommended ways are not able to relieve sleep apnea symptoms, we recommend that you want to give a doctor to achieve specific therapy that is able to support them. 

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