Usefulness and danger eating habits sauce

Usefulness and danger eating habits sauce
In Indonesia, sauces included in foodstuffs are quite often consumed. This is due to its ability to bring the impact of food taste more delicious. It's just that, many people call sauces as unhealthy foods. Is this assumption true?

Picture Usefulness and danger eating habits sauce

Impact of eating habits sauces for body health

There are a lot of kinds of sauces that we can consume, but most of us choose tomato sauce and chili sauce. Both types of sauces tend to have a spicy flavor to bring about the impact of the food that is given additional sauces will feel much more steady.

Here is more than one fact related to the sauces that we often consume this.

  • Has Vitamin content

If we bring the impact of your own sauce or shopping sauce made from organic ingredients, then we can get vitamin A and vitamin C in a fairly high quantity. Vitamin A is widely known to bring the impact of eye health, skin, and bones increasingly. Meanwhile, vitamin C can improve the immune system to bring our impact is not mild to fall ill.

Just, unless we're shopping for bottled sauce, be sure to check the packaging label. It's a good idea to choose a bottle sauce that has a vitamin content to get its health benefits.

  • Has antioxidant content

The main ingredients of the sauce, namely chili pepper and tomato, have antioxidant content of carotenoids that we know as lycopene. As well as antioxidants in general, this content can resist exposure to non-free radicals, resist damage to cells, to help the regeneration system or repair damaged cells. Antioxidants are known as deterrent to the coming of various harmful cancers.

  • Fat content tends to be low

If we compare with mayonnaise, sambal sauce and tomato sauce certainly have lower calorie and fat content. This means that we do not have to worry about excessive time consuming it. Just be sure not to consume it very often or very much in order to take care of calorie and fat intake.

  • Has a high salt content

Food Standards Agency (FSA) refers to tomato sauce and chili sauce that is packaged in a sachet or bottle of high sodium or salt content. For example, unless we consume Sachetan sauce as much as 100 grams, then the natriium content can reach 0.5 to 0.6 grams. Meanwhile, in 100 grams of bottled sauce Most of the sodium has a total of 1.2 grams.

Salt can actually bring the impact of food flavor to be more delicious and savory, but it can bring the impact of the adverse effects of increasing blood pressure drastically unless consumed with excessive. In fact, except until we are exposed to hypertension, the risk of health problems is more truly like stroke and heart disease is going up.

  • High sugar content

Not only high in salt content, apparently, almost all the sauce products circulating in the market tend to be high in sugar content. In fact, research showed that unless we consume a bottle of sauce as much as one tablespoon, it has been able to get sugar as much as four grams. In fact, health experts advise us to inhibit daily sugar intake of maximum 50 grams alone.

If we consume sauces with foods with high calorie or fat content like fries, fried, etc., this can be a potential impact on the increased risk of more than one type of health problem Like diabetes or obesity. Looking at this fact, we should actually inhibit the intake of sauces to avoid excessive. 

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