6 Unexpected functions chewing gum gummy hobby

6 Unexpected functions chewing gum gummy hobby
Chewing gum is often used as a snack to relieve fatigue. In addition, many children who love it because it can be used as a balloon maker. Unsuspected, health experts call the available health benefits that we can get if the hobby chewing gum.

picture functions chewing gum gummy

The benefits of chewing gum

Not only good for dental and oral health, the effect comes from the routine of chewing gum so much more able to be felt by our brains lho. Here is more than one benefit derived from this routine.

Can prevent tooth decay
Health experts call the routine chewing gum can dodge Tartar. Only, this effect is only able to be felt if we chew more than a certain type of chewing gum, precisely the chewing gum without sugar and the content of xylitol.

Dr. Michelle Yanover called a routine chewing gum without sugar to fight the growth of bacteria in the mouth that is capable of making tooth decay, clean the teeth so as to avoid the formation of plaque or tartar, and make producing Increased saliva. The existence of saliva in many quantities is that able to maintain the balance of bacteria in Mulu.

Controlling the habit of Ngemil
Although included in the snack, health experts call chewing gum is much better derived from unhealthy snacks such as fried, chips, biscuits, and others. In fact, health experts call the routine chewing gum can control our snacking routine because the mouth kept busy. It will certainly be positive for weight loss, right?

Only, we recommend that we choose a low chewing gum or let alone sugar-free if you want to lose weight.

Increase confidence
Chewing gum is able to provide an additional positive effect for the dental condition. In fact, if we have a habit of chewing gum with additional xylitol, being able to be will get whiter teeth and clean. This will certainly make us will start to be more confident fit in talking or smiling to others.

Overcoming Breath Odor problems
Not only makes teeth whiter and cleaner, in reality, chewing gum including being able to sustain a case of breath odor or in the medical world is known as halitosis. This is due to the production of increased saliva and has an impact on the control of bacterial balance in the mouth.

Only, we should not consume chewing gum with mint flavor. Although it has a refreshing flavor, most mint gum has high sugar content that is capable of making bacteria longer grow rapidly and worsened cases of bad breath. We recommend that we choose the sugar-free gum.

Enhances brain function
Routine chewing gum turned out to be capable of positive impact for brain condition, Lho. Health experts call this to be able to make awareness and focus levels increase. Many people include the chewiness to cope with drowsiness.

When you chew it, the cerebral activity in the brain is increasing longer. This will affect productivity and the longer cognitive benefits improve. In fact, we included being able to get fresh ideas after the chew.

Overcoming stress
Unsuspected, often chewing gum turned out to be able to cope with stress and anxiety, lho. Based on a published study of the results in the Journal of Prosthdontic Research of 2014 ago, it is said that for only 10 minutes it has been able to make the nerves quieter and lower cortisol hormone levels with Significant. 

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