Avoid this food if you don't want to be limber and sleepy

Avoid this food if you don't want to be limber and sleepy

picture Avoid this food if you don't want to be limber and sleepy

The main goal we consume food and drink is to get calories and be used as energy. 

Without energy, we will not be able to move well and do daily activities. Unfortunately, some types of food make the body like losing energy and you become more weak.

Food and drink that kills body energy
What we drink and also eat provides great energy on the body. That is why we are advised to meet the daily calorie needs of 2,000-2.5000 calories. Calories should be obtained from safe foods and drinks. Otherwise, side effects such as drowsiness and energy loss will occur.

Cereal at breakfast
Cereal is one of the easiest foods for breakfast. By eating cereal coupled with milk, you will be easy to fill and energy will be fulfilled soon. Unfortunately, more cereals contain sugar and cause blood sugar in the body to quickly rise and also descend.

If blood sugar rises and immediately converts to energy, we will be more excited. However, when blood sugar in the body is dropped, we will be very easy to suffer from weakness and not powered. If you can only eat cereal for the morning because it is practical, it is worth choosing a high fiber and not containing too much sugar.

One of the reasons we drink coffee is to utilize caffeine to make the body more fresh and spirited. Coffee can also make us concentrate more easily in working. Unfortunately, coffee does not necessarily provide that goodness and can give side effects if the caffeine levels in the body start to run out.

If the caffeine in the body is depleted, we will tend to be weak and have no energy. That's why coffee enthusiasts always drink up to a few glasses a day so it's not easy to faint. If you experience a few hours of weakness after drinking coffee, it is good to limit the coffee to only 1 cup a day or use coffee type decaf.

Alcohol is thought to give a calm effect on those who are having a lot of thought. Drinking one glass may give a calm effect. However, once the effect is lost it will appear pretty much side effects as it is difficult to sleep due to experiencing sleep apnea. In addition, the body also tends to be more weak than usual.

If you have a disturbance of concentration during the day and it is easy to weakness, stay away from alcohol whenever you can. Better to replace this drink with fruit juice or yogurt that gives the effect of satiety and also nourish the digestive tract every day.

Energizing Beverages
Some energizing drinks that will make you a fresh back turn out to have great side effects. It is true, this energizing drink will make the energy level in the body increase. However, as time goes on, the body will become more tired and uncomfortable.

Most of the energy drinks that are outside there are many uses of caffeine as a raw material. The use of caffeine is similar to coffee. You will be easily powered and weak afterwards so that the chances of experiencing addiction will be great. Only use energy drinks if needed.

Red meat
Red meat is usually consumed there are two types. First is red meat that has quite a lot of fat content in it. Then the second is lean red meat, or a small fat content.

If we eat something that contains excessive fat, the energy used to process it is so big. You end up being easily limed because the energy in the body is decreasing.

In one day we are advised to consume sugar as much as 4-6 teaspoons. This measure will make you free from the risk of diabetes and still benefit from the sugar that is instant energy and will make us so easily powered.

If you consume sugar greater than the recommended dose, it is most likely to have a significant increase and decrease in blood sugar. This increase and decrease will give a big difference ranging from power to excessive weakness.

White bread
White bread and white rice have a very high carbohydrate content. In addition, glycemical index is also very high and results in blood sugar in the body increasing rapidly. The effect of this increase in blood sugar is that the body is easily sleepy and eventually you become limber by itself.

You can eat white rice or white bread every day. However, limit the consumption every day and do not eat in bulk in a single time. If it is done, blood sugar can increase rapidly.

Fried food
Fried foods are actually allowed to eat. We still need fat in gaining energy. Unfortunately, the fried food contains much more fat. If we eat too much fat, the digestive process and demolition need a much greater energy than other types of food.

If energy is used to process more fats, the body will become very tired. This is what causes us to always be tired and easy to eat when eating something that is fried too much, eg fried rice, nasi goreng, or other types of snacks.

So the reviews about food and drink that can kill energy in the body. Although the food above has quite a lot of calories, the side effects are also very disturbing because it can cause the body to become weak. Well, from some of the above foods and drinks, is there that you often consume?

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