Diet? You shouldn't eat together friends

Diet? You shouldn't eat together friends

Picture Diet? You shouldn't eat together friends

Quite a lot of people are claiming difficulties to lose weight. 

In fact, the body condition has felt uncomfortable and various clothes have been difficult to wear. Health experts call this can be due to the habit of eating together with friends often. Kok can?

Difficult causes to lose weight
Eating together with friends is a lot of fun to do. We can feel the warmth or even the fun while chatting. The problem is this turned out to make us not really focus on the food we consume.

Based on a published study of the results in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it is said that eating together with friends tends to eat more with more portions than when eating alone.

When we eat while chatting, we tend not to pay attention to how much of the food platter or how large the feed we are. In fact, because you want to get involved immediately in the chat, it could be that we do not chew the food fast enough so that it immediately swaled when the food is still in harsh conditions. This makes us eat faster.

The brain apparently takes time to transmit the satiety signal to our stomach. If we eat fast, then there is already a lot of food going into the stomach and the new satiety signal appears. We will also immediately feel the elasticity. This is what makes us get weight gain.

So, does this mean that people who are in a diet program should not eat together? Indeed, this seems to be quite excessive, but we should not often do so in order to ensure a healthier diet. If we still want to eat together often, can ask friends to warn us if you choose a food menu or a portion of unhealthy food.

Tips for eating if you want to lose weight
Not only does it start to bring down eating habits, health experts call there a few other things we need to look at when eating if you want to lose weight.

Here are the ways we can do that.

Adequate drinking water needs
Do not get me wrong, it can be difficult to apply a healthy diet because it does not meet the needs of white water with enough lho. Sometimes the brain has difficulty distinguishing thirst and hunger. Instead of drinking water, it could be that we are actually interested in eating or snacking.

Adequate need of white water can also help the stomach become fuller. If we take it before eating, it can make us less interested in consuming food in large portions. This will certainly make our diet unexaggerated and affect the declining weight.

Not consuming processed foods
Processed foods such as nuggets, sausages, to canned vegetables are very practical to be processed and have a good taste, but these foods are high in chemicals, preservatives, sodium, or sugar. Overconsumption can affect weight gain and other health impacts.

Eating fresh foods
Health experts advise us to choose fresh food, especially those from local food providers. These foods do not need to travel far so it can be ensured freshness and quality.

Taking away to avoid flesh
Try to avoid meat-trading around a few days of the week. This can make us familiarize ourselves to consume healthier food so that it will support the success of the Diet program.

Keeping the food portion
Try to vary the type of food we consume everyday but keep the portions from overdoing it. For example, try new types of vegetables that are unique and can make us interested in eating healthy foods.

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