Is coffee really a bad effect for teeth?

Is coffee really a bad effect for teeth?
It is a common secret that coffee is one of the most popular beverages of the community, for young people. There are only rumors that mention that often may cause adverse effects to the freshness of the tooth. Is this subject true?

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Impact of drinking coffee for teeth
Although the high percentage of nutrients that nourish the body, the freshness experts mention that there are some side effects that we can get if regular coffee drink. Unfortunately, one of the following effects can come out on the tooth.

Here are some of the effects of drinking coffee for teeth.

  • Altered tooth color

The freshness expert Victoria Veystman of New York City's Cosmetic Dental Studios calls those who love to consume coffee skew with tooth color that is not the same as those who don't often take it. This is due to the percentage of tannins in the coffee that can change the color of the teeth significantly.

Tannins are indeed compounds belonging to the polyphenols. This content can dissolve in water. Unfortunately, this percentage can also result in coffee being easily attached to the tooth surface and ultimately resulting in the change of the dentist becoming more yellow.

In addition to tannins, the acidic properties of coffee can also result in a more coarse tooth enamel. This can result in stains getting longer easily attached and resulting in a change in tooth color.

  • Cause damage to tooth Enamel

Another impact that we can get when drinking coffee often is damage to tooth enamel. As information, enamel is the most outer arrangement of teeth. If until this part is misguided or damaged, then the risk for perforated tooth problems will increase. For this reason the freshness experts recommend us to inhibit the intake of coffee not excessive.

  • Can cause sleep teeth

If we get too much coffee, in the evening, it can result in sleep deprivation or sleep. In fact, the anxious and stressful effects that can be caused by caffeine can result in our teeth flaying out the sleep fitting. This can result in jaw pain and the fileness of the tooth surface.

Is there a way to decrease the bad effect of coffee for teeth?

Although it can generally add a less good effect to the teeth, it does not mean that we should stop drinking coffee considering this drink can add a lot of health benefits. We can withstand the following side effects by lowering the intake of coffee so as not to excessive, drinking coffee by enabling straw to withstand direct contact between the tooth with coffee, and not adding sugar and creamer Considering this addition is not good For the freshness of teeth.

It is good that we also berkumur-kumur with water after drinking coffee and regular brushing of teeth, so before bedtime to withstand the effect of not good coffee. More freshness specialists recommend us to enable toothpaste that does not have a percentage of detergent in order to withstand the disruption of bacterial balance in the mouth. Usually, this toothpaste will not produce foam in many quantities.

The freshness specialists also recommend that we routinely have a dental checked to the doctor to perform the cleaning of tartar or scaling. It can be done at least six months. Its impact will not only result in tooth tone, but it can also preserve its strength.

Looking at this fact, it is not obligatory to worry too much to drink coffee. As long as we can maintain the cleanliness and condition of the teeth, the impact will not be worse. 

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