These various things can make us constantly sneezing

These various things can make us constantly sneezing
Sneezing is a natural thing to happen to us. Even though not being sick of flu or colds, we can have sneezing if there is dust or other things. Only, sometimes we can constantly sneeze. Actually, what is the thing that can make us constantly sneezing?

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Causes of persistent sneezing
Health experts say there are some things that can make us constantly sneezing. These are the various causes.

Triggered by allergies
Health expert Miguel Wolbert of West Texas Allergy calls the ongoing sneezes often due to foreign particles coming into the nasal tissues and triggering irritation. The nose also immediately carried out a defense mechanism to release various particles. If these particles do not come out, it will make the sneezing continue to take place.

Some things that can cause allergies such as animal fur, pollen, or various other things can also cause a body response that lasts continuously.

Triggered by infections of the Sinus
Health specialists from the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology call allergies or a cold that is severe can cause infections in the sinus. The impact is part of the sinus inside the swollen nasal cavity. The symptom of a sinus infection is a severely clogged nose, severe cough, high fever, and a tired body. This condition should be checked immediately to the doctor to be resolved immediately.

Side effects of certain medications
Dr. Wolbert describes several types of medicines that may cause side effects such as nerve disorders that eventually affect the constant sneezing. If until this happens, we recommend that we immediately seek advice to the doctor in order to replace the medication that does not cause the side effects.

Triggered by nasal polyps
Joseph Han of Eastern Virginia Medical School mentioned that polyp problems in nasal sinus parts are capable of causing symptoms such as sneezing in a long time, severe stuffy nose, to watery nose. In many cases, it can also make the aroma smell significantly reduced.

As with the sinus infection, we must immediately have the medical condition checked to the doctor in order to overcome it.

Triggered by air pollution
If we breathe quite thick air pollution such as from vehicle exhaust gas, industrial exhaust gas, until haze, it will make various pollutants in the form of very small particles into the nasal cavity and eventually cause a reaction Allergic form of sneezing is quite severe and lasts continuously.

Some other facts about air pollution
Health experts call there some unique facts about sneezing that is worth our study. Here are the facts.

  1. Sneezing is definitely done with closed eyes. This is due to the very high pressure in the nasal cavity as we do so. If the eyes are not closed, it could be an eye to come out due to the enormous pressure. The body already has its own response to close the eyes as we will.
  2. Sneezing will not happen while we sleep. It is caused by nerves that are also in resting condition. This means that, although there are allergens coming into the nose, it can be that we will not immediately secrete the foreign object through a sneezing mechanism.
  3. Splashes of sneezing can spread to a distance of several meters. Because of this reason many health experts refer to sneezing as a cause of spreading diseases. We also are advised to close the nose when sneezing.

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