Why is after crying eyes to red?

Why is after crying eyes to red?
Crying is commonplace for anyone. Not only because of sadness or disappointment, sometimes it is also caused by a sense of feeling or happiness. One thing is certain, after crying, we can tend to experience red eyes. Actually, what causes come from changing the color of eyes to this red?

picture after crying eyes to red

Causes of red eyes after crying
The freshness expert of Professor Jeremy Turtle from the University of Virginia Health System mentions there is a reason why the color of the eyes turns red after crying. This turned out to be associated with tears. As information, the tear out also affects the blood supply in the eye gland. This carries the impact of blood vessels towards the eye gland to widen. Its impact carries the longer impact a lot of blood to the eye and further leads to the impact of red eyes.

Normally, the size of the veins to the eyes is really small so that we can barely see together easily. Only, when crying, the tear glands can directly pump the secretion to maintain moisture in the eyes. Blood vessels can be widened to convince this fluid requirement is fulfilled. This is what brings the impact of the eyes to red.

Although the eye is red and frightening, in reality it is completely normal and not to be feared. We also do not have to put eye drops in order to overcome it because the eye color can be normal with itself after a part of the time.

Various health functions come from crying
The freshness expert mentions that there is a lot of freshness function that can be obtained unless we pass emotions crying.

Here are the benefits.

  • Can make loose tension

The benefit that we can really feel unless crying is to miss the tension we initially felt. Interestingly, this proved to be a big influence on the personality of women and men. Women who tend to be more loose and can cry not easily frown than with men who tend to be less crying.

After crying, we can also experience a sensation of relief derived from the various burden of presumption that at first overload. It can certainly be able to improve positive functions for mental freshness.

  • Can clean eyes come from various impurities

The main function derived from tears is the removal of impurities or foreign bodies derived from inside the body. If we cry, then there can be plenty of tears to lubricate the eyes. This can help to get rid of various impurities so that the eyes can feel much more comfortable and fresh.

  • Against various kinds of bacteria

Not only dust and dirt, can be on our eyes also there are bacteria that enter and can bring the impact of health problems. Tears can fight this bacteria because of the content of lysozyme enzymes. Fresh experts let alone call this enzyme can kill bacteria only in five minutes.

  • Can help remove toxins from the body

Tears were also found in one of the mechanisms in the body to remove various toxins. This means, along with crying, we also help the body to be free from a variety of toxins so that the body can feel much healthier and fit.

  • Improving eyesight

The eye that is awake, clean comes from a variety of dust and dirt, and free from irritation can certainly feel much clearer. This is sure to be able to affect a much better vision. The eyes can also feel much more comfortable. 

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