11 Benefits of Lychee fruit for health (complete nutrition)

11 Benefits of Lychee fruit for health (complete nutrition)

pict 11 Benefits of Lychee fruit for health (complete nutrition)

Lychee is a tropical fruit with a mixture of slightly sour, sweet, yet fresh flavors. 

This fruit is often used as food and beverage toppings. If you like eating fruit lychee, find out what are the content and benefits of the following lychee.

Lychee Fruit Content 
Lychee is a fruit that grows in subtropical areas like some Southeast Asian countries. Lychee belongs to the Soapberry family. This fruit is used to be processed juice, wine, sherbert, pie, jelly, etc.

In addition to delicious and fresh, this fruit turns out to have a variety of nutritional content. The following is the content of lychee in the dose of 100 grams, namely: 

  • 66 calories 
  • 0.8 grams of protein 
  • 16.5 gram Carbohydrates 
  • 1.3 Gram Fiber 
  • 0.4 grams of fat 
  • 66 KCAL Energy 
  • 0.011 mg thiamin 
  • 82% Minerals 
  • 1.5 – 1.7 Carbohydrate grams 

Lychee also contains vitamins, minerals, and other important components, including: 

Vitamin C: The most vitamins in the Lychee 
Vitamin E: Vitamins that are responsible for bone health, blood clotting, etc. 
Vitamin K: Vitamins that play a role in maintaining the health of skin, eyes, cells, etc.
Potassium: Minerals needed to maintain cardiovascular health 
Copper: Leci contains a considerable amount of copper
Antioxidant polyphenols: Antioxidants that include epicatechin and routine 
Leci contains a healthy source of antioxidants and plant compounds. Of course this content also provides many benefits for health.

Fruit Leci Benefits 
Leci contains various vitamins, minerals, and components needed by the body to prevent illness and maintain health. 

Here are the benefits of fruit leci, namely: 

1. Anticancer effect 
Leci has antioxidant and flavonoids content that acts as an effective anticancer to prevent breast cancer cells. Antioxidants are the source needed by the body to prevent the exposure of free radical cancer causes. 

Consuming lychee in any processed such as juice, jelly, etc. can work effectively to prevent this serious disease. 

2. Maintain Cardiovascular health 
Leci contains potassium, Epicatechin, and routine that will help keep the body from chronic diseases such as heart disease. Flavonoids content also helps to improve cardiovascular health. 

Processed lychee also contains oligonols which is a dietary supplement that serves to increase the production of nitric oxide which serves as a vasodilator to help broaden the blood flow to be smooth. 

3. Maintain Digestive Health 
Traditional Chinese Medicine believes the benefits of lychee fruit as a natural remedy for digestive problems such as constipation or other indigestion. 

It is attributed to the lychee containing enough minerals and fibers that play a good role in launching the digestive system. 

4. Preventing cataract 
There are about 150 thousand cases of cataracts in Indonesia. Cataract is an eye disorder with symptoms of blurred or blurred vision. 

A study conveys that lychee can help prevent the risk of developing cataracts. Leci contains antioxidants and antineoplastics that play a role to inhibit the growth of abnormal cell cataracts.

5. Help overcome Influenza 
Influenza is an infection caused by viruses that are highly contagious and can occur to anyone. 

Lychee contains oligonols which act as an antiviral to overcome the symptoms of influenza. Oligonol consists of a mixture of antioxidants (proanthocyanidins) derived from lychee bark and green tea which are then developed as effective agents to fight the influenza virus.

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