Can chocolate be used as a cough medicine?

Can chocolate be used as a cough medicine?
Picture Can chocolate be used as a cough medicine?

Lately, we have heard information about chocolate that is considered to be able to overcome the problem of cough. 

Many people are certainly interested in consuming it because it tastes good. Just, does chocolate can provide this health benefit?

Chocolate can relieve cough?
News that chocolate can relieve cough starts from the Daily Mail website written by Alyn Morice from the University of Hull, England. In a published study of the results in the 2016 British Media Journal, it was mentioned that 137 patients were asked to take cough medicines with the main ingredients of cocoa and regular cough syrup.

The results of this study show that those who consume the cough medicines with cocoa material tend to heal within two days. Meanwhile, those who take regular cough medicines require 7 days or more to relieve the cough they are experiencing.

Morice mentioned that there was another study indicating the potential for chocolate to relieve the problem of cough. This is due to the existence of theobromine that is mentioned to trigger the appearance of a sticky layer near the nerve endings of the throat. This will provide protection from the irritant cause of coughs. In addition, this content does not provide drowsiness side effects.

Only, this research apparently does not mention the consumption of chocolate or hot chocolate drink can provide the same benefits. Consuming it will only give a sensation of relief for a while, instead of actually easing the cough. This means that, some time after consuming it, the cough will recur again.

Cough medicines with cocoa content contain ammonium chloride or expectorant and lovementol that can relieve the throat from coughing. Meanwhile, regular chocolate does not have this content.

Healthy Chocolate Eating Tips
Although it can not relieve cough, health experts call the routine of eating chocolate can provide health benefits, especially for mental health.

Here are some healthy tips on eating chocolate that we can apply.

Set the consumed chocolate portion
If we are accustomed to enjoying chocolate every day, it's good to be more careful in setting how much chocolate you want to consume. Make sure not to consume more than the portion we have set so as not to overdo it. We should also set the right time so it is not easy to be tempted to consume it more.

Checking calorie levels of chocolate
Milk chocolate tends to have a higher calorie content than in black chocolate. Health specialists also advise us to choose black chocolate for the sake of preventing side effects such as weight gain. In addition, the antioxidant content in black chocolate is usually higher and can provide greater health benefits.

Consuming chocolate in various variations
Try not only to consume chocolate in the form of candies or chocolate bars. For example, we can start consuming chocolate in the form of drinks. Warm chocolate can we make a substitute for coffee that is no less delicious.

Meticulously eating other foods
If we are accustomed to consuming chocolate almost daily, it is advisable to be more careful in maintaining daily calorie intake. For example, we should avoid intake of chips or reduce the consumption of rice so that even calorie intake is not excessive.

Eating healthy foods
In addition to more careful in consuming high calorie foods, health experts advise us to offset the intake of chocolate with healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, and grains to ensure the digestive tract is functioning properly and Keep the ideal weight.

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