Danger drink Trend 5 Litre Boba Challenge for Health

Danger drink Trend 5 Litre Boba Challenge for Health
Picture Danger drink Trend 5 Litre Boba Challenge for Health

Lately on social media are viral drinking boba tea or bubble tea as much as 5 liters. 

In fact, it is like a challenge because of course drinking drinks with this sweet flavor in one time difficult to do. The problem is that although the flavor of boba tea is quite delicious, consuming it as much as 5 liters in one time can give a health impact.

Dangers of drinking 5 Liter Boba Tea
Some YouTubers or influencers have uploaded videos showing that they are following the challenge of drinking 5 liters of this boba tea. There are a few netizen who are interested in following this trend, but many also consider this action quite ridiculous. In reality, there are still many netizen that mention this challenge can harm health.

A health specialist who is also Dr. Gia Pratama's selebtwit in @GiaPratamaMD account refers to the habit of drinking a lot of boba tea or too often can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. This is due to the high calorie and sugar content in it.

Gia refers to blood in the human body only about 5 liters. Naturally, in the blood this has only a blood sugar content of as much as 5 grams. If we then consume Boba tea that is high in sugar content as much as 5 liters, then certainly will make blood sugar levels rise drastically. This is what is feared to trigger diabetes.

If we remain to consume it, then the pancreas will work very hard in order to produce insulin, a hormone that processes blood sugar into energy. The problem is that the pancreas working too hard will be easily damaged. This will certainly make the production of insulin less and can eventually affect the high level of blood sugar. The impact will also be the same, causing diabetes.

In addition, the consumption of high sweet drinks sugar is also shown to be able to trigger weight gain or make bacteria proliferate faster. If this happens, then we will also be more susceptible to increased weight until the risk of kidney failure or heart disease.

Gia also does not advise us to drink boba tea as much as 5 liters. In fact, we should limit consumption of this drink to maintain the health condition of the body.

The dangers of sweet drinks for health
In addition to causing weight gain and risk of diabetes, health experts call there are other dangers of drinking the habit of boba tea.

Here are the impacts of such health.

Increased risk of heart attack
Research at Harvard University proves that those who routinely consume a can of sweet drinks every day experience an increased risk of heart attack by up to 20 percent higher than those who rarely drink it.

Increase the risk of pancreatic cancer
Research conducted at 2010 at the University of Minnesota results in the fact that routinely consuming sweet drinks twice in a week is enough to increase the risk of developing pancreatic cancer up to twice as large.

Triggering uric acid
Not only high food purin, routinely consume a canned sweet drink alone per day can already increase the risk of uric acid disease 75 percent.

Tooth damage
It has become a common secret if consuming high-sugar drinks will make the development of bacteria in the mouth increased. The impact may trigger a perforated or porous tooth problem.

Creating weak muscles
Teenagers who are a hobby of consuming sweet drinks tend to be more susceptible to weak muscular problems or breakdowns and fractures.

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