Extreme heat weather? Follow these 3 Tips to stay healthy

Extreme heat weather? Follow these 3 Tips to stay healthy
picture Extreme heat weather

Weather is constantly changing, sometimes it can be friendly and sometimes can be very extreme, causing various complaints. One of the most complained of today is the hot weather that is very blazing until the temperature of the outdoors reaches 40 degrees Celsius or even more.

The cause of hot weather can be very extreme is nothing but an atmosphere that tends to dry so that the clouds that prevent the sun radiation are not much formed. In addition, the sun is now also around the equator so that the solar radiation received by Indonesia and other areas near the equator tends to be more.

Healthy stay Tips during extreme hot weather
Extreme hot weather like this moment makes people lazy out of home so some activity is interrupted. Not only that, health may also be interrupted due to too dry air, strong winds, and several other factors. You do not want to join ' Tumbang ' because of the hot weather as it is today? Follow some of the following healthy tips!

1. Avoid drinking ice
Drinking ice in blistering weather is very delicious and refreshing. However, do you know if drinking ice when the body temperature increases can cause micro blood vessels to explode? It sounded, but it did happen to the body. In fact, you should not directly wash the body that feels warm due to sunlight with cold water because it can be very fatal.

If you do want to drink ice, you should drink the water first bit by bit. Not fresh indeed, but this way is effective to adjust the body temperature so as not to experience sudden temperature changes.

2. Keep your body hot
When the weather is hot, the body temperature also increases. Shaded in an air-conditioned room is indeed a solution. However, when you go out the room of the body is actually surprised by the temperature changes that occur. Therefore, if you want to turn on the AC increase the temperature slowly and keep the body moving while in the air-conditioned room to keep the body temperature stable.

3. Hydration the body with fruits and vegetables

When the weather is certain, the body will lose a lot of fluids. Therefore, it helps to hydrating the body by reproducing fruits and vegetables. Consuming fruits and vegetables will improve your metabolism, lock in body fluids, and help prevent dehydration.

The types of fruits and vegetables that you can consume to hydrate the body is actually quite diverse, ranging from pears, cucumbers, to watermelon. However, you need to ensure its freshness before consuming it, because in the blistering weather as it is now, fruit and vegetable ranges are experiencing evaporation of water and vitamins.

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