Various benefits of watermelon fruit and skin for body health

Various benefits of watermelon fruit and skin for body health
pict Various benefits of watermelon fruit and skin for body health

When the weather is hot and scorching for forgiveness, watermelon fruit is one of the release of thirst that has been targeted by many people. 

Usut had a usut, a round fruit that many of these water had a myriad of other benefits for the body in addition to extrude dehydration. Wondering what other watermelon fruit benefits are?

Watermelon Benefits for Body health

1. Help your daily nutritional needs
The green round red fruit includes low calorie, only 46 calories per 150.

However, the watermelon is highly nutritious because it is enriched by many important nutrients such as:

  • Vitamin C as much as 21% of body needs.
  • Vitamin A as much as 18% of body needs.
  • Potassium as much as 5% of body needs.
  • Magnesium as much as 4% of body needs.
  • Vitamin B1, B5 and B6 as much as 3% of body needs.

In addition, fruit watermelon is also high in essential antioxidants such as beta-carotene and lycopenpen, as well as citrulline and amino acids are equally important for the health of the body.

2. Cardiovascular Health
Likopen is an antioxidant that is beneficial for maintaining cardiovascular health. According to Purdue University, watermelon fruit contains high lycopene which effectively protects the heart cells from damage and decreased risk of heart disease.

The fruit also contains citruline and arginine which is equally good for cardiovascular health.

A journal published by the American Journal of Hypertension finds below arginine is able to maintain the circulation of blood that is pumped by the heart. Arginine can also help reduce excess fat that can cause cholesterol to sudden cardiac arrest.

3. Hydrate the Body
Watermelon fruit contains 92% of water and electrolytes that are very good for hydrating the body to avoid dehydration. Watermelon benefits are also good for helping the body temperature stay steady in intense hot weather.

4. Hair and Skin Health
Who can think of watermelon benefits for both hair and human skin? Vitamin A is found in the watermelon benefits of helping to keep your skin and hair shaft moist. In addition, the fruit also helps encourage healthy collagen and elastin cell growth and good for facial skin.

5. Overcoming Muscle Pain
A study of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in Spain finds, that drinking watermelon juice can actually soothe muscles after exercising. Athletes who consume more than 16 ounces of fruit juice in 1 hour before exercise tend to be more immune than the risk of muscle pain and present a stable heartbeat daily.  

Watermelon skin also has benefits for health

Not only flesh, so the skin of watermelon can also be consumed and there are benefits, Lho. What is it?

1. Increase Lust for Love
Not only Viagra, watermelon skin can also be a powerful natural remedy. There have been some studies showing that the skin of this fruit can also help men overcome mild to moderate erection difficult problems, so that your performance in bed can be more durable.

This is due to the citrulline content in the skin of the watermelon containing a very distinctive amino acid. Amino acids are more on the skin than the fruit. This citrulline content that can dilate blood vessels and increase libido, such as the way the work of powerful drugs or Viagra.

2. Help lower blood pressure
If you have hypertension, try to eat a watermelon fruit including the skin. Some research has proved that its fruit extract supplements can help control blood pressure in adults who are obese.

While the citrulline content in the skin of the watermelon can increase blood flow in the body so that blood pressure is still tabil. This fruit is also potentially a diuretic medication, a drug often prescribed for people with high blood pressure.

The food is also quite easy. Freeze this slice of fruit and its skin before consumption to help lower the blood pressure. Eating this cold-cold skin and flesh in hot weather can give you a fresh sensation in the throat.

Watermelon seeds are also edible!
In addition to meat and skin, it is also a watermelon seed can be eaten. This fruit seed contains a slight amount of calories. An ounce of dried watermelon seeds (about 400 grains) contain approximately 158 calories. In fact, the calories are not much lower than an ounce of potato chips (15 pieces) amounting to 160 calories.

At one cup of dried watermelon seeds contains 30.6 grams of protein, it is as well as fulfilling the daily number of protein needs as much as 61% of the amount needed per day. Proteins in the seeds of this fruit consist of several amino acids, one of which is arginine.

Not only will the vitamins and proteins alone, the benefits of this other fruit seed is containing magnesium minerals galore. Magnesium is found in the seeds of this fruit as much as 556 mg, or about 139 percent more magnesium needs the body daily.

Health risks incurred when eating watermelon is excessive
If eaten in a reasonable amount, watermelon will not produce any serious side effects. But if you eat in excessive amounts, there is a chance that the body will experience a bad reaction due to too much lycopene and potassium content. The American Cancer Society expressed intake of more than 30 mg of lycopene every day could potentially cause nausea, diarrhea, indigestion, and flatulence.

If you experience the condition of serious hyperkalemia, which is too much potassium in the blood, you may not be allowed to consume more than one cup of watermelon per day. A serving cup of red fruit has a content of 140 mg potassium. According to the National Institutes of Health, hyperkalemia can lead to irregular heartbeat and other cardiovascular problems.

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